About this Domain

InkySword.com is owned by Shi. It is part of The Honor & Blood Network. This domain serves as the collective for all my sites containing original and/or unpublished literary works.

I chose the name of InkySword for the collective to reflect two of my greatest loves: writing (ink) and martial arts (sword). I have a vision of a beautiful sharp katana dripping with jet-black ink.

It is also a bit of wordplay on the much-abused quote "The Pen is mightier than the Sword." Sometimes one has to use the sword, too, not just the ink or pen, to get her point across.

The domain name was purchased from NameCheap on 5 March 2016, with the website launched on 29 July the same year. We are hosted by the wonderful Squidix. Both services are very highly recommended!

Design Notes

The first version of this domain is entitled Flower Pink. The layout features floral textures against a cool, girly backdrop of pink, peach and white.

Design credit is due to the following:

+ Graphics courtesy of Alice-Grafixx and Celestial Star
+ Brushes from Inobscuro and Blushing
+ Adobe Photoshop used for image editing
+ Notepad for HTML coding